Charlie Girl

Iím Charlie. Yeah well, what can I say? My dad wanted a boy!

But what he got stuck with is a little girly-girl with an olí boy name! But, name aside, you want to know about me, right?

First off, I have to say that I love my toys,
and I donít just mean the stuffed ones!
I mean, a girl has to have lots of toys, right?

Iím the naughty Ďlil girl that all the boys want to play with. ♥giggle♥ 

Thing is, I donít really want to play with the boys.
The games I enjoy playing are for men only!

I love it when you come in while I am sleeping and kiss me goodnight...All over my little titties, tummy and pussy!

I love to tease while your cock gets all hard, and then the good part comes. I get to please you with my hot tongue, wet pussy and tight little ass. Makes me squirm at the thought!
Hurry and call me, so we can really play!

1-800-485-0215 Ext 136

Calls from the U.S. and Canada

10  Minutes / $25

20 Minute Time Blocks / $40

New Callers Receive $5 Off First Call!

Int'l Rates $3.00 Min / 10-Minute Minimum

Major Credit/Debit/Gift Cards Accepted

Must Be 18+ To Call

When I'm not available, your call will be routed to our 24/7 phone sex
line where you can speak with one of my many sexy friends.

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