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I'm Taylor. People have called me a dominatrix, but I don't like to be labeled. It's very limiting, don't you think? I, on the other hand, have no trouble at all labeling YOU ~ Cum Slut, Bitch Ass, Panty Boy, Slave ~ You get the idea! I first discovered my taste for power when I caught my step-sister stealing a candy bar, and of course I blackmailed her. She's in so deep now, that she's nothing but my little whore slave. :-)  Ever since then, I have been dominating everyone I encounter ~ boyfriends, the maid, and even the school dean! But becoming a phone sex operator has greatly broadened my resources. Like I said, I don't like to be limited.

Call me and I'll make you suffer the way we both love. I love to control, degrade and humiliate pathetic little losers like you! Rub oil on my body; so hot it stings your hands. Then suck my toes and whimper while I fuck and suck my enormous black dildo. You didn't think I was going to do that to you, did you? Or is it the dildo you want? I'll dress you in my juicy panties, after you sniff and lick them clean. We could have your picture taken while you look so pretty; wouldn't that be nice?

Make me a cup of tea, draw me a bath, then CALL ME ~ and make sure that silly little cock of yours doesn't drip on the rug!

1-800-485-0215 Ext 142

When I'm not available, your call will be routed to our 24/7 phone sex
line where you can speak with one of my many sexy friends.

Calls from the U.S. and Canada

10  Minutes / $25

20 Minute Time Blocks / $40

New Callers Receive $5 Off First Call!

Int'l Rates $3.00 Min / 10-Minute Minimum

Major Credit/Debit/Gift Cards Accepted

No Card? For Home Billing Option - Call 1-888- 221-7257

Must Be 18+ To Call

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My Email: CumDivaTaylor@yahoo.com

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(Written by Slave Duane)

I had dated this girl Ashley that I met at a bar .We went out for about 2 weeks but I stopped calling her as I found other women to go after. I consider myself kind of a playboy and I really donít want to settle down. She took it very poorly and kept calling. I had to screen the calls and I avoided her whenever possible.

A few weeks passed with no word from her and I thought she had given up when I received a package from her. I opened it and it was some kind of sex toy. I really didnít pay too much attention and put it on my counter forgetting about it. That Friday I went out drinking as I usually do and when I arrived home I was feeling real good. Curiosity got the better of me and I examined the sex toy that Ashley had sent. There was a note that said. ďTry this on, I think you will find it pleasurable.Ē I examined it and it was called CB3000. There was a locking device and a key. I was curious and decided to try it on. It was tight but comprisable and it locked into place with a click. I went over to the mirror and strutted around a bit ďAfter about 10 minutes I took the key and inserted it into the keyhole but it didnít fit! I tried for a while but I was too drunk and passed out before too long.

Morning came and I usually wake up with a raging hard on, but instead I woke in pain as the CB3000 stopped me from getting a erection. I immediately tried the key again and again, but it didnít work. I then tried to pick the lock but this devise was expertly crafted and there was no way out of it. I picked up the phone and called Ashley. She asked me how I liked her gift. I told her that she had sent the wrong key with it. She apologized and said the key was around her apartment somewhere. She said she was going away for the weekend and Monday she would look for the key. I was pissed and started yelling at her and telling her she would get that key now or else!! And with that she hung up on me. I called back and there was no answer. I just kept calling and getting her answering machine. I called for 4 days straight with no response from her. It was Tuesday and I was starting to get frustrated in my penis prison. I figured that I would be nicer to her as I was getting desperate to have this chastity device off. I called and left a very nice message. When that didn't work I began softly begging her to answer me. Finally on Thursday she answered. She told me that I was very rude and that I have treated her very poorly. She said that I had better start treating her well if I ever wanted out of the chastity device. I apologized and said I would make it up to her by taking her out to dinner this weekend. She said Saturday would be fine, to pick her up at 7:00 warning me to be on my best behavior.

I was right on time Saturday as I came to her apartment to pick her up. She was dressed extremely sexy in a short red dress and very shinny black stockings. She had on stiletto heels and was made up to the nines. Even though I wasnít attracted to her I was becoming very horny and she did look very good. We went out to a very expensive restaurant, I opened her door, doted on her and I showed her the best evening out sheíd ever had. When we got back to her apartment I tried to go in but she wouldnít let me. I started asking about the key and she stopped me right there and said in a stern voice, ďDo you think one good evening is going to make up for all the awful things youíve said and done to me? I donít think so! Your going to have to do a lot more to make this up to me. And if you bring up that key again I will throw it into the river. Now, Iím going to bed. Good night!Ē

Over the next few weeks I started taking her everywhere she wanted to go. I was so horny and frustrated it was intolerable! I wined and dined her, brought her flowers and held the door open for her. The funny thing was that I was thinking about her all the time. I didnít love her but I was becoming dependant of her.

One Saturday night after a night of dinner and a movie she invited me in and said that I have proved to her that I can be a decent guy. She said that tonight she would remove the chastity device. She led me into the bedroom and told me to strip. Then she instructed me to lay spread eagle on the bed. She pulled out 4 sets of handcuffs from the dresser drawer and started to put them on me. I protested, but she said she didnít trust me enough to take off the device with me being able to do whatever I wanted. And she said if I ever wanted it off I would accept being handcuffed to the bed. So I reluctantly agreed.

After I was secure she went out of the room and came back wearing a very sexy lingerie set with stockings. I saw around her neck reflecting the light was a chain with a key on it. She took the key and unlocked my cock. It sprang out with an impressive erection. All of this denial had left me insane with lust and I was extremely horny. Not saying a word she began slowly sucking me. Ohhh this was soooo good! I was in heaven as she wad slowly sucking. After a while I began to get desperate to cum but she never went fast enough to let me. Then she stopped sucking and said I had better make her cum like she never had before and with that she straddled my face. I began licking like my life depended on it. She began to move her hips and she was really getting into this. Finally she started moaning. She came so hard and so many times that she collapsed next to me on the bed. It took a bit but she recovered and went into the kitchen to get ice cubes. She held them on my balls until my erection subsided and she was able to put the chastity device back on me. I was so desperate for the release that she wasnít going to allow! She then gave me a long French kiss and I wanted to regain my erection but the CB 3000 had other ideas. She looked into my eyes and said, "The next time this comes off is our wedding night".

Over the next few weeks I was so desperate to please her I proposed and we set a date. I moved in with her and I now do all the cooking and cleaning. I totally serve her every whim and need.

When the wedding day arrived we went to the church to get married in front of all our friends. She handed me a box that was wrapped. I said that she didnít need to get me a gift. She said it was for our wedding night.

We had a wonderful wedding and reception. When we went to the room for my much awaited wedding night she said, ďIíll bet you can't wait to remove that.ď, as she pointed at my crotch. I whimpered, "No I canít, Dear". She said ok this is what youíve been waiting for and instructed me to open my present. When I opened the box I pulled out my wedding gifts. 4 sets of handcuffs.


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